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Producer, beat maker, dj, vst developer. I started in music in 1985. In 1995 I started with the new sound in Puerto Rico called "Underground", A new genre with a mixture of reggae, hip hop and dancehall, known today as "Reggaeton". I made my commercial debut in 1997 in a production called "The Legend", then in "No Fear 2" in which I produced with DJ Dicky the hit song "POR MAS QUE TRATAN" by Horny Man & Panty Man. In 1998, I joined forces with Dj Eric and I collaborated on DJ Eric Industry Vol. 5,: "I've Been So Long" and "De Mil Maneras" by Lito MC Cassidy. For MC Ceja, I produced "Muerte #4" and others. Including later, on MC Ceja's second album, the hit single "The Breaks" which was years ahead of its time. This led to many other collaborations, working as a "ghost beatmaker" with an artist like Tempo, Tego Calderón, for whom I worked on the song "Gracias" from the legendary album "El Abayarde". Others include Mexicano, Ivy Queen, Voltio, Vico-C, and many other artists who have made their mark on Urban music. Then in Christian urban music I collaborated with: Maso, Funky, Dr.P, Zammy Peterson among many others. Today I continue to make music, but I also develop software to help the future superstars of tomorrow. Our products are designed with musical knowledge, pride, and simplicity to ensure the best possible experience for our users. WEPAAAAAAA!

Hip Hop Drums Library for Kontakt

I present to you: Yo! 90's Hip-Hop Drumz Vol.1 One of the most iconic drum collections of the genre, this player has 8 different effects to transport the drums to the era, sound or style you want, we created an old school reverb which gives the drums drums that particular atmosphere of the drums of the 80s, 90s but don't believe it!, this sound is used in many songs today, it also has another effect to add a tape effect to each key, which gives it a sound as if you would have sampled from a cassette, you decide how much, to that we add another click & crackle effect to give it the effect that you took the sample from a vinyl, the perfect combination of these 2 effects gives it an incredible FLAVOR, to this add our TAPE DELAY, which gives it a vibe and fills the space between the drums, plus the effect that takes this to another level, DRUM FADE, This effect lowers the volume of the drums while keeping the hiss and/or crackle at lower levels. high, which makes it brutal to do GHOST NOTES , you can add or remove frequency in the low pass filter, by removing all the volume in the drum fade you can only use the hiss and the crackle. This is a library worth having in your repertoire and with all the tools that creativity brings It has a limit. Purchase this library here, click the button to purchase Yo! 90's Drumz, you can get the kontakt player for free on the native instruments page, my advice: get the full version of kontakt, it's one of the best players on the planet that has the best libraries.


Audio Stretcher- Mac Version - AU/VST/VST-3

Recycle all your sounds, the stretch capabilities of this tool is amazing, get a little snippet sound and stretch it to infinity, also dirt your sounds, reverse them, make a blend of ffwd & reverse, make a melody with drums, use your creativity, now you can re-use your favorite sounds to make amazing back beats, ambients or whatever you can create, How many times we wish a sound or a sample have a little bit more length between the melody to create the perfect sample?, now you can do that in real time with the play and infinity button, stretch parts of a vocal as long as you need, this tool is a must have in your arsenal

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BoomBap Drum Collection

This plug-in (AU) comes with 100 drum kits (200 kicks, 200 snares, 200 hats) 60 swing quantized midi files from akai mpc and the iconic sp 1200, you can manipulate pitch, pan, attack, release, filter, reverb, volume of each sound separately, each drum kit contains 6 sounds, 2 kick, 2 snare, 2 hats, CREATE RHYTHMS AS EASY AS: choose the drum kit and choose the midi file and that's it, you don't need to know how to program drums , IT ALSO HAS SOME TEST KITS WITH SCRATCH, so you can make your own scratches, the complete scratch collection will be available for free in the next update.

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Yo! Hip Hop Drums



RE- USE YOUR SOUNDS, Ultra Stretch Short Sounds

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